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Whitestone Cheese Co. Shenley Station Blue

Whitestone Cheese Co. Shenley Station Blue

Whitestone Cheese Co. Shenley Station Blue
Fairlie, New Zealand

A tasteful blue cheese by Whitestone, Shenley Station Blue. This cheese is created using Pencillium roqueforti mould, which is commonly used in blue cheeses and contains natural anti-bacterial properties. The unique mould was discovered somewhere unexpected - on a farmer’s hay bale in Fairlie, and named after its origin on Shenley Station. The mould was just what Whitestone Cheese Co had been looking for and from it they create an exclusive and original NZ blue with a totally different flavour.

Serve this cheese on a platter with crackers, crusty bread, sweet chutneys, honeycomb and sweet fruit. For a weekend treat, pair with a full bodied Pinot Noir or Pale Ale.

Shenley Station Blue has a complex, lingering and mildly earthy taste. A subtle raw mushroom flavour combined with a smooth and sticky texture give it a totally different and unique flavour to any other of Whitestone's blue cheeses.

Farro Food Hero: Whitestone Cheese Co. 
You could say the Berry family from the Whitestone Cheese label are among the forefathers of New Zealand specialty cheese makers. The cheese factory was founded in 1987 by Bob Berry and his wife Sue, who were looking to diversify during the 1980s rural downturn and a series of crippling droughts. Bob’s experience in livestock trading was quickly applied to the cheese trade! Read more here.