BBQ Hamper

BBQ Hamper

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Fire up the grill, this BBQ hamper is ideal for summer entertaining. Our collection of Farro BBQ favourites includes a fantastic array of marinades and spices to make your meat sing along with tasty accompaniments for on the side- Al Brown Old Yella Habanero Mustard, Alderson’s Classic Dill Pickle Slices and Wise Boys Mayo to mention a few. 

Included products:

  • Culley’s Moroccan Harissa 185ml
  • Wild Fennel Co Pocket Salt 15g
  • The Four Saucemen Pork Rib Rub 100g
  • The Four Saucemen Chicken Rub 100g
  • Dog Town Smokey BBQ Mustard 200g
  • 362 Bourbon Bacon Jam 270g
  • Tio Pablo Totopitos Fiesta Corn Tortilla Chips 230g
  • Tio Pablo Salsa de Pepita 220g
  • Glasseye Creek Pretty Hot Meat Sauce 420g
  • Aldersons Pickled Red Onions Sweet & Sour 485g
  • Little Bird Good Nuts Cheesy Chipotle Cashews 35g
  • Proper Crisps Purple and Gold Cracked Pepper 150g

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