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Aoraki Smoked Salmon Hand Roll

Aoraki Smoked Salmon Hand Roll

Aoraki Smoked Salmon Hand Roll

Every culture has it’s version of a taco and this is Japan’s! They are made and served one at a time and are meant to be eaten from the hand immediately to ensure the nori is still crunchy.

Prep: 15 minutes
Serves: 4 Appetisers


Place ó a sheet of nori shiny side down diagonally in your non-dominant hand.

Spread a ping pong sized ball of cooked sushi rice onto the third of the nori closest to you. Do this in the shape of an upside-down triangle.

Add the smoked salmon and selected garnish evenly in a line along the centre of the rice triangle.

With your free hand, fold the bottom corner of nori closest to you snuggly over the rice and roll into a cone. You can serve with a soy sauce (we recommend citrus soy like Ponzu).


100 grams of Aoraki Hot or Cold Smoked Salmon

4 half sheets of nori

2 cups of cooked sushi rice

Slices of avocado and cucumber

Sprouts and any other vegetables

1 tbsp Japanese style mayonnaise ‘Kewpie’

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