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Cucumber, mint and raspberry gin punch

Cucumber, mint and raspberry gin punch

Cucumber, mint and raspberry gin punch

As the weather gets warmer and the Christmas festivities begin, consider it the perfect time to add to your cocktail repertoire. Start off your Christmas party season with this refreshing cucumber, mint and raspberry gin punch. Friday night festive drinks just got a whole lot more merry!

Serves: 6-8


Heat the Dulce sugar, water and stir until dissolved

Set aside to cool

Muddle the gin, lemon and lime juice and half the mint together well and strain into the punch jug

Slide in several sticks of cucumber and half the remaining mint leaves and 3-4 lime wedges

Top up with tonic water and plenty of ice

Serve in tall glasses with a cucumber stick in each, mint and a lime wedge 


250ml Acme Dulce sugar 
250ml water 
1 bottle of Borgo San Leo Prosecco (you can also use gin as an alternative to prosecco)
200ml Six Barrel Co Raspberry and Lemon Soda 
6 limes, 2 cut into wedges and 4 juiced
2 lemons, juiced
1 telegraph cucumber, peeled and halved lengthwise, seeds removed and cut into thin strips 12 cm long or as long as your punch jug 
1 cup tightly packed fresh mint
Quina Fina Tonic water 
Ice cubes 

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