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Mini Pavlovas - 3 ways

Mini Pavlovas - 3 ways

Mini Pavlovas - 3 ways

While a classic cream and fresh fruit pavlova never goes out of style, there are so many other exciting ways to present our country’s favourite dessert. Here are a few topping ideas to inspire you:

Prep: 5 minutes
Serves: 6


Top mini pavs with your choice of whipped cream or mascarpone. 

Te Mata Dessert Figs and Pistachios:

Chopped pistachio nuts and juicy Te Mata Dessert Figs folded together.

Strawberries and Pariya Fairy Floss:

Diced fresh strawberries folded with dried rose petals, topped with a generous pinch of pink fairy floss.

Peanut Brittle and Shaved Chocolate:

Chopped Piece of Cake peanut brittle topped with grated good-quality chocolate.

3 ways with mini Pavlovas


Cowells Mini Pavlovas (6pk) 

Whipped cream or mascarpone

Piece of Cake Peanut chilli brittle

Good quality shaved chocolate

Fresh Strawberries

Pariah fairy floss

Te Mata dessert figs

Pistachios, chopped

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