Since Janene and James Draper started Farro in 2006, our passion is sharing delicious food, championing NZ producers and making it easy for communities to make positive choices for the environment. We take pride in selling NZ-raised, free-range and grass-fed meat, sustainably caught seafood, 100% free-range and cage-free hens eggs, fresh, quality fruit and vegetables, and the heart of our business, giving our homegrown support to more than 500 NZ artisan food producers. 

Farro is working in collaboration with our suppliers and food producers not only to sell high-quality food in-store but to consider the total product lifecycle. From conception of products free of artificial ingredients, and less plastic in packaging design to distribution, waste management, and BYO cups and containers, Farro is about reduction, re-use and the empowerment of everyone to ensure our actions are focusing on delivering a more sustainable future. 

We are proud of our efforts so far but realise the journey has only begun and it takes a collective effort. Farro’s actions as a business and our customers’ efforts can make a difference. 

Reducing food and packaging waste is the biggest positive impact our business can make. To make it happen, we partner with organisations to redistribute, repurpose or recycle food that would otherwise go into landfill. As a grocery business selling many small items, packaging waste is our greatest challenge. It’s an area where we’re focused on not only recycling, composting and disposing of waste responsibly, but also working with suppliers to reduce it in the first place. Because we believe that prevention is better than cure. Farro’s focus on reducing waste has led to 75% less waste to landfill since 2015 – that’s 1450 tonnes! Over 80% of our food waste goes to stock feed through Eco Stock, we compost 10% with We Compost and 5-8% goes to people in need through our work with Fair Food. Less than 1% of our food waste will go to landfill.

Farro has donated to Fair Food, Auckland’s first food rescue operation, since 2012, helping them redistribute fresh, surplus food to more than 2,000 people or 500 Auckland families every week. Our stores set aside good, nutritious fit-to-eat food we couldn’t otherwise sell, like produce that doesn’t meet our grading system or grocery items with damaged packaging. These are all safe to eat and donated before their use by date. Three times a week, it’s collected by Fair Food, who works with community organisations to ensure food gets to people who need it, when they need it. Farro has donated over 66,871kgs of fresh food to Fair Food, enabling over 200,613 meals to be delivered to families in need.